Foundations Experiential Group (FEG)

September 2024 - January 2025

Meeting Survey

Thank you for your interest in joining our next FEGs. Just a reminder that FEGs are designed to help you work on your own human formation as a helping professional. This is not a course about learning how to do IFS or parts work with those you accompany (and carries no CE credits); rather this is about you understanding yourself in all your parts, you loving yourself in all your parts, and you overcoming human deficits to be better able to accompany those you serve.

This survey will help us determine the best meeting times as well as the financial viability of each FEG. Please select ALL the times you are available to meet. Note all times are Eastern time. The more times you can check, the more likely you can be placed in an appropriate group.

Please note that our fall FEGs will be facilitated by one of the following professionals, all of whom are IFS Level 1 trained: Dr. Peter Malinoski, Dr. Peter Martin, Sister Mary Peter Roos, Bridget Adams, David Edwards, or Tom Konechnik. (Note that Dr. Peter has vetted all leaders and will be providing ongoing training and support.)

Groups meet twice each month with a practice session during the off-weeks. You will need to purchase the textbook, Internal Family Systems Therapy. 

Please note that all FEG payments are non-refundable. We must be able to compensate our IFS-trained leaders, and we cannot add new participants once we begin an FEG.